. Things We Miss About College | - Part 4

Feb 15 2013

The 20 Things We Actually Miss About College

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5. Penny Pitchers

We highly doubt your college had these, but ours did, and they were absolutely incredible.

You’re reading that right—a damn penny for four beers.

4. All-Nighters

It’s not the fact we liked staying-up doing work all night, it’s the procrastination that lead to us staying-up all night that we miss.

3. The Library

It was always a joke going to “study” between the social scene that became the library during Finals Week.

We also miss the personal study rooms we could reserve—if you catch our drift.

2. Fake ID’s

It’s great being over the hallowed age of 21, but it was always a little more exciting when you nervously pulled that fake out of your wallet to buy a sixer of Natty.

1. The Girls

Whether you believed it then or not, every single college girl wants some ass—or at least we’re telling ourselves that.

Why else would the join a sorority and knowingly be around a bunch of horny frat dudes?

Back then, getting a ten was easy. These days you’d be lucky to even get a look from an 8.

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