. Things We Miss About College | - Part 3

Feb 15 2013

The 20 Things We Actually Miss About College

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10. Classes

You’re reading that right.

Though sitting through an hourlong class wasn’t fun, it was the best place to meet people, so yeah, we miss it.

9. Day Drinking

There’s certain occasions when you and your friends do it, but most of the time it ends up with more than half of them passed-out by 7pm.

8. Pre-Gaming

We still do it, but it’s just not quite the same.

In college, slamming shots and killing a sixer was the norm, now it’s about three beers and then out.

7. Getting Kicked-Out of Bars

Who knows what you did, but it was probably something fun.

Now you’re too worried someone from your office will recognize you to act a fool like you used to.

6. Late-Night Food

After a night that ended with you being the last one out of the bar, you and your friends need something to help absorb that alcohol, so go to the nearest greasy food place to get your fill.

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