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Feb 15 2013

The 20 Things We Actually Miss About College

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No one likes leaving college.

Sure, it’s easy to say that cutting-out the homework and long lecture courses will make your life a lot more fun, but it’s all the other things about college that we’re still missing six years after graduation.

While we still try to relive our glory days each weekend, nothing quite beats the original thing, so here are the things we wish we still had back in our everyday lives.


20. Being Cheap

You had no money, so everything around you was cheaper.

Beer. Food. Rent.

Now you make money, so you think you can become all boujis and high-class.

19. Sweatpants

Only in college could you really get away with going three days without a shower and wearing sweatpants anywhere you wanted to.

If you tried that now, you probably wouldn’t be accepted as openly.

18. The Dorms

They were always crammed and had bullsh*t guidelines, but it was always a good time that consisted of drinking in your room, sneaking in pony kegs for a floor party and drunkenly knocking on the doors of all your crushes you saw around the building.

17. The Food

Remember when a meal card was your one-step pass to everything you ever wanted?

It was like your credit card now, except it was like play money that gave you an open buffet every meal.

16. Road Trips

Nowadays, you go through all this planning to take a five-hour trip out of town. Back in college, it wasn’t uncommon to get picked-up by your buddies as you were walking out of class to hit an eight-hour drive somewhere for the weekend.

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