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Feb 13 2013

The 8 People You See in a Coffee Shop

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As someone who’s lucky enough to work from anywhere we want to, we frequently find ourselves in the nearest coffee shops we can find.

While we absolutely hate coffee, it’s no secret that there’s a ton of different kinds of people who seem to hang out in the same spot we’re in, giving us a wide selection of folks to look at.

So the next time you decide to just grab a quick cup of joe to get your day started, look around the shop and you’ll most likely see these types of people.



Every college kid thinks that they’ll get more accomplished by avoiding the mayhem that goes on in the library.

Think again.

Just because you call your study group to the local Starbucks to drink frappacino’s and talk about your project doesn’t mean you’ll actually do any of that.

If you sit by this group of table, be prepared to hear about Johnny College screwing over Sorority Sally for the next couple hours.

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