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Feb 11 2013

The 8 Biggest Letdowns About Growing Up

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Stand-up if you remember counting down the days until you were done with all the late-night studying and the homework and ready to make some “serious” money in the real world as an “adult.”

We absolutely recall the days of giving up on the week-to-week paychecks from our crappy job because we no longer could ask Mom and Dad for help.

Fact is though, growing up sucks balls. And here’s ten reasons why you probably agree with us.

8. Debt


It may suck when you’re making jack sh*t working as a Barista at Starbucks, but you know what blows even more, when you’ve actually got a job that pays you in thousands every two weeks, and you’re still in the red thanks to your spending trends.

Hopefully you don’t lose your job and have to actually use your credit cards as the means to your groceries and bills, just digging you in deeper debt, otherwise it can get really bad.

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