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Feb 11 2013

If You’re Afraid of Spiders Do Not Go To Brazil

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Arachnophobes would be wise to steer clear of Santo Antônio da Platina in Brazil. According to a video uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 7, spiders appear have taken to dangling from the city’s electric lines and other surfaces. These seem to be fairly large critters, too, plainly visible when the camera is zoomed all the way out, with a rough approximation of size given by nearby transformers on the electric poles. [Hit this Link to Continue Reading Story] (There’s a video as well)

So the story goes on to say that some arachnids like to gather in colonies. Thus we can see that all the spiders got the memo that Brazil was the place to be. The video is pretty gnarly. I would not be comfortable walking down the street with all these dudes hanging above my head. The good news is “communal” spiders only collect in tropical climates.

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