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Feb 08 2013

The 5 Things To Pass Time During a Traffic Jam

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As we were leaving our house to go literally five minutes down the road, we crossed paths with the ugliest back-road traffic jam we’ve ever seen in our lives. As with anytime one’s stuck in traffic, we went from optimistic about moving, to pissed-off that there was no end in sight, to contemplating just turning around, and finally seeing the end.

The most frustrating thing when in a traffic jam is there never seems to be an explanation of why. If it’s not an accident, what’s the deal? Needless to say, we never get an answer.

Through all the emotions and frustrations that comes with a traffic jam, it’s actually a good time to sit back and enjoy a little time to yourself – unless you’re running late for your wife’s pregnancy or really need to take a crap.

It’s true no one wants to wait hours in their car, but here’s a couple suggestions for you to do if and when it happens to you next.

1. Blast Some Music

It’s no secret everyone does this already, but when you’re moving at under a mile per hour, and there’s nothing else to do, it just seems to be a little more obvious. Be cautious though, not only do you want to make sure what you’re listening to is cool, but if it’s still light out, everyone stuck on either side of the road can see your every move. You don’t want to look like a lame or crazy person!

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