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Feb 06 2013

Wednesday Morning Highlight: Kobayashi Downs Pizza in 60 Seconds

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The Super Bowl brought us many moments of triumph. The Ravens’ Jacoby Jones broke a Super Bowl record for the longest kickoff return. Beyonce’s incredible performance blew us away and shut the stadium down for 30 minutes. But one of the moments that may have gone unnoticed was a true testament to talent and dedication. Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi scarfed down an entire Domino’s pizza in under 60 seconds at some bro’s Super Bowl party. The infamous hot-dog eater was booked through his booking agency and was paid $3,250 for the spectacle,Deadspin reports.

Over $3k to eat a pizza, man I’m in the wrong business. I wonder what it would take to become a professional eater. I think I should start training for that sh#t. Look for me at next year’s Super Bowl wolfing down something for cash. Game on. [Hit this link to see the video]

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