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Feb 06 2013

The 10 Best Childhood Snacks We Wish We Could Have Now

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One of the best things about growing-up was when you’re parents said to you, “Here’s twenty dollars, that’s your lunch money for the week.”

As you got older, you realized that there was absolutely no reason at all why you should have the ability to spend $4 on lunch each day, but since you had it, you were able to get all the goodies you wanted.

But now that you’re older, you’ve got to watch what you toss in your lunch for fear of gaining weight or just being judged.

That still doesn’t stop us from looking back on some of the snacks that we wish we could eat everyday though. Oh how we miss the good days.

10. Mountain Dew

Come on, who didn’t love the taste of carbonated ecto cooler—that’s essentially what it was anyway, right? Pair one of these babies up with a slice of one of those rectangular-sliced pieces of pizza, and you’d be in heaven all afternoon.

To this day, we still get cravings for the lime drink, but thanks to the Yellow 5 rumor, we’ve tried to limit ourselves when we can.

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