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Feb 01 2013

The 12 Worst People of 2013 So Far…..

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We’re only a month into 2013, but the year has already seen its fair share of ne’er-do-wells, scoundrels and nogoodniks. A bunch of real stinkers. Will it only get worse from here? We don’t believe it has to. But the only way to prevent it is by learning from the worst offenders. And if we can’t put them in a dungeon in Romania somewhere, the least we can do is learn from their mistakes.

Here are the 12 worst people of 2013 so far. [Click this link to see the list]

This is actually a very comprehensive list. The year is a month old and there are already a bunch of d-bags making headlines. Even Subway gets in on the action. Judging by this list it’s going to be an interesting year..


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