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Feb 01 2013

10 Sports Movies That Will Definitely Make You Cry

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We all know those movies that we try to avoid watching with a girl in fear that we’ll shed a couple tears in front of her, only embarrassing ourselves more than we did on the dance floor at that wedding last weekend.

But guys love sports. So when a group of us gets together to watch a sports flick, it’s not supposed to end with every guy in the room tearing-up.

Unfortunately, these ten sports movies always hit us hard.

10. Remember The Titans

Just when you think you can hold it back, those damn T. C. Williams football kids keep coming at all angles.

From the scene where they come together in training camp, yelling, “Strong side! Left side!” all the way to the scene where Gary and Julius tak in the hospital, you just can’t help but cry by the time the credits are rolling.

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  • yourmom

    damn son. no brians song? but u got d2, karate kid, and other crap….u started it with RtT but then u fucked up

  • steve

    jesus christ. where’s Brian’s Song?



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