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Jan 30 2013

The Different Stages of Post-Breakup Syndrome

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We all know the saying, “breaking up is hard to do,” so for almost all of us, barring a major fight or cheating session, it can take some serious time to get over hearing the words, “I’m done.

Since we recently just became single ourselves, we’re starting to see the dreaded steps it takes to fully move on and forget about things.

In our case, we were the one who broke-up with her, but regardless of what position you fall in, here are the post-breakup stages that everyone can’t help but fall into.

1. Sadness.

Unless you’re a complete dick, most of the time you get out of a relationship, you find yourself a little heartbroken.

Even with all the stupid fights, unwarranted finger-pointing and, as a guy, always admitting guilt, the unless you were dating a chick who was running around town like she was Heidi Fleiss back in the day, you’ll feel a little sad—plus, you’re going to miss out on the free ass pretty much anytime you wanted it!

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