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Jan 30 2013

The 10 Least Talented QB’s Who Have Super Bowl Rings

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In football, it’s not uncommon to hear the term “game manager” when referring to a starting quarterback who doesn’t quite have the skills to carry a team to a championship, but is looked at as someone who can efficiently move the ball down the field, while limiting mistakes.

Basically, it’s telling the guy that although he’s the starter now, make sure to keep an eye over his shoulder in case there’s a better option out there—ahem, Alex Smith.

We’re not saying winning a Super Bowl is easy, but we’re taking a look at some of the QB’s who may not have the appeal of a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but still own that coveted Super Bowl ring.

You might be able to throw a football better than some of these guys, but they’ve got a piece of jewelry you could only dream of ever having.

10. Kurt Warner – Rams

Warner, a potential Hall of Famer, doesn’t make our list for what he did after coming out of nowhere to win his Super Bowl, but he’s punished for who he was when he lifted the Lombardi Trophy—which was an unknown who no one expected to have such a breakout year, and then later, career.

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