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Jan 29 2013

20 Things We Wish We Still Had From Our Childhood

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Have you ever just been so bored that you’ve actually dug through some of your old crap to see if there’s anything that might keep you occupied for awhile?

It could be as simple as just looking through photos, or as mind-boggling as a 2,000 piece Lego creation you got for Christmas when you were 13.

Well just because you’re a little bit older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be able to enjoy old stuff, which is why we’re giving you the 20 best things from our childhood that we wish we still had.


We don’t care how old you live till, a miniature pizza with all the toppings you need will never be a bad snack.

Ecto Cooler.

There’s no doubt you loved sipping-down one of these lime-flavored drinks after running around all day outside.

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