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Jan 28 2013

What To Expect During Super Bowl Week

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As fans were deprived of their typical weekend of football watching the past couple days, we hope you’re ready for the media storm that’s about to hit now that the Super Bowl’s less that a week away.

Most of us know about Media Day, where players get some seriously messed-up questions and things can get a little bit weird.

But with the Super Bowl being the single biggest sporting event in the world, we’re here to tell you what you can expect for the entire week of coverage.

Way Too Much Analysis

You know the scouting reports on soon-to-be drafted players in both the NBA and NFL, where they’re scrutinized from the moment their last college game ends and they prepare for a career in sports, earning both praise and criticism without ever really doing anything? Well that’s the Super Bowl coverage, but jammed into a week.

Reporters and newspeople will talk about strategy and game plans for the next five days, mentioning their X-factors for each team and how a certain matchup is the key to the game… until the next day when they completely change their minds or contradict themselves.

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