. The Things Every Guy Should Own | - Part 2

Jan 25 2013

20 Things Every Guy Should Own at Some Point in Their Lives

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15. A Solid Chef’s Knife.

Make cooking fun, and not something you’re doing just because you aren’t living at home or don’t have your girlfriend to rely on to save you from microwavable dinners.

14. Jumper Cables.

At some point you or someone around you will have their car breakdown. Don’t be the sissy who expects the other person to have cables to solve the problem.

13. Charcoal Grill.

You might think a gas grill is easier to operate, but trust us, it really does make a difference when keeping the flavors from a charcoal grill and the alternative.

12. A Safe.

It might seem like you’re a pretentious ass who’s more important than someone else, but if you’re a breathing human being, there’s just some things that are too valuable to risk have stolen or ruined.

11. An Electric Trimmer.

This should be self-explanatory, shouldn’t it? Beards. Staches. Unwanted body hair. Pubic hair. They all need to be upkept.

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