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Jan 25 2013

20 Things Every Guy Should Own at Some Point in Their Lives

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As a guy, there’s a couple things that should always be within reach.

It can be something important like a condom in case you get lucky with the hottie in the bar, or a flashlight inside your glove compartment to play it safe if you get a flat tire at night.

If you don’t have these things yet, don’t fret, because you’ve still got your lifetime to get them—along with these 20 items every guy should own at some points.

20. Valid Passport.

You never know when you might get the urge to quit your job and need a vacation away from everyone and everything around you, so get that sh*t ready to go!

19. Cordless Drill.

You don’t need to be Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, but you should understand that when your girlfriend wants to hang a shelf above her dresser, you’re the one that she’s depending on to get the job done.

18. Season Tickets.

We don’t care if you’re not the biggest sports fan out there, if you’re a dude, you probably watch more sports than you’d like to admit. Why not actually experience the game rather than just yelling at your TV?

17. A Nice Pair of Jeans.

Yes, we’re talking about the ones you browse through while shopping with your girlfriend that have the number “200″ as the price. They’re versatile and durable, so make sure you get the right cut and rock those damn things in almost all occasions.

16. A Pair of Chucks.

Like those jeans we just mentioned, these kicks are always in style and can be worn with almost anything—yes, even at weddings. So stop wasting money on multiple pairs of shoes and just go for the always solid originals.

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