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Jan 24 2013

Signs That You Need Your Own Place

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Whether you live with a couple of your buddies or you for some God-awful reason made the dive to live with your girl, if you stop and look around for a second, you’ll see sure-tell signs that you need to go solo.

Forget just the dirty laundry or the dishes that have been sitting on the counter for a week, because besides the obvious, there’s some internal things that you probably get way to pissed-off about when you’ve got roommates.

So while it blows to live with your parents, if you start to feel this way when you’re with some other people, it’s about time to start looking for a new place.

You Hate Seeing Your Roommates Car in the Driveway

We’ve probably all been there before. Long day at work, you’re tired from staying-up the night before talking with your girlfriend, and all you want to do is lounge around and blast music or watch TV.

Problem is, as you pull into your driveway, your roomies cars are there, and all the lights in the house are on.

We know what you’re thinking; learn to share, right?

But when you just need some time to yourself, the last thing anyone wants to do is “just share.”

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