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Jan 23 2013

Smells That Make Us Think of Random Things

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You may not think about it, but you rely on your five senses a hell of a lot.

Whether you’re using your eyes to creepily stare down a chick at a bar—which our buddy did for about five minutes this weekend while standing by himself across the bar—or having a lick-off with your buddy to see who can outlast the miserable taste of garbage and dog poop, your senses never seem to let you down.

But sometimes, your senses play tricks on you.

For instance, have you ever smelled something that triggers a quick reaction like gagging or a memory from something you hate before?

We have. And so we’re giving you the smells of things that make us think of really random stuff.

Newspaper = Pooping

It’s no secret us guys like to take as long as possible while sitting on the pot.

We’re not really sure if it’s because we like the private time away from the madness going on in our house, or if we really do care about reading the entire sports section? But regardless of the reasons, we can’t help but think of ourselves taking 45 minutes to drop one when we catch a whiff of newspaper.

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