. J.R. Smith Twitter War With Kris Humphries |

Jan 23 2013

J.R. Smith Takes Kris Humphries Out on Twitter

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If J.R. Smith’s final shot attempt had been as on target as this postgame tweet then the New York Knicks might have beaten the Brooklyn Nets on Monday. But Smith’s potential game-tying three-point shot banked off the backboard and clanged off the rim in the final seconds, allowing the Nets to escape Madison Square Garden with an 88-85 win. Not long after the final buzzer sounded, Kris Humprhries fired off a victory tweet.

In case you’re Twitter deficient (which I am), Kris Humphries posted, “Big Game Tonight, The Garden Got Really Quiet on the Way Out” as seen in J.R. Smith’s post. At what point if you’re Kris Humphries do you say it’s in my best interest to just stay the hell out of the spot light. I mean this guy can’t do anything right. Guy may be the biggest tool in sports.

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