. Things You Shouldn't Be Doing at Your Age | - Part 4

Jan 22 2013

20 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing at Your Age

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5. You Make Excuses For Not Working Out.

Hey fatty! You’re pushing three-hundo, maybe you should avoid the junk food and try sweating a little bit?

4. You Have Something Bedazzled.

For the chicks out there, this is not appealing at all, and you deserve to be walked-out on by a guy if he sees you holding a phone or wearing a shirt that’s sparkly.

3. You Record Yourself Doing Crazy Stuff to Put on YouTube.

Screw avoiding injury! We’re more concerned with your public image if someone you know sees it.

2.You Use Duct Tape to Fix Everything.

Using it for the back of the remote? Acceptable. But using it for fixing your tail light on your car? Not acceptable.

1. You Shop at Abercrombie & Fitch.

All the cool kids are doing it! Yeah, in 1997.

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