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Jan 22 2013

20 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing at Your Age

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We admit to being what some might call more than just a little bit immature.

On top of still relying on poop jokes as our go-to humor, we also find ourselves “rewarding” ourselves on the weekends with Natty Light, trying to hook-up with random chicks at bars and watching too much internet porn for our own good if we strike out.

So while it’s great to try and stay young at heart, here are some things that you should drop from doing if you’re old enough to be out of college.

20. Faking a Crap In Order to Play Game Boy.

Yes, you read that correctly. We have a Game Boy we play while pooping. It’s addicting, and we find it necessary to play only during that time.

19. You Still Think it’s Cool to Wear Flip Flops in the Winter.

It always seemed like there were kids who openly said they liked doing this. It’s 20 degrees out and there’s snow on the ground, not to mention your feet are blue. How is this enjoyable again?

18. You “Borrow” Money From Your Parents With No Intention of Paying them Back.

It’s sad enough we ask them for help in the first place, but knowing they’ll never see a dime of it makes it that much more embarrassing.

17. You Still Expect to Sleep With Every Girl You Talk To.

It’s great to have sex! Problem is, as people mature, they don’t just give it up like they used to in high school and college. If this crosses your mind while carrying a convo with the opposite sex, you’re probably just a hornball.

16. Your Texts Have an Insane Amount of Emoticons.

This should be self-explanatory. You’re a grown man bro, there’s no reason to add that crap.

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