. Why Lance Armstrong is The Worst Thing in Sports | - Part 4

Jan 21 2013

Why Lance Armstrong is Everything Wrong With Sports

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It’s All About Him

This kind of ties with the previous comment about being unforgivable because if you watched any of the Oprah interview, you saw a guy in Armstrong that was visibly disinterested in what he was doing.

The cat was out of the bag months ago, so we have an idea his publicist told him to just admit it and try and move on.

Armstrong openly said he “sued everyone” and didn’t think that at the time he’d “get caught.”

If that’s not the definition of a self-centered prick who thinks he’s bigger than the sport, we don’t know who is?

He’s made his millions and will quietly fade away, but that doesn’t mean he sincerely gives a damn about any of the people he hurt with his digressions over the years.

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