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Jan 21 2013

Why Lance Armstrong is Everything Wrong With Sports

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For whatever reason, we just can’t let this whole Lance Armstrong thing go.

We’re not sure if it’s because we feel duped that we somewhat believed all of his claims about not using PEDs over the years, or just because the way he consistently denied and sued the people who even questioned that he may have?

Regardless of why we can honestly say we hate the guy, we’re giving you some simple reasons why he’s the symbol for everything that’s wrong with sports today.

Though we’re one of the most competitive people out there—and have had our fair share of f*ck-ups—we’re not sure we’d ever do something as irresponsible and conniving as Armstrong did.

For his bold-faced lies and repeated assertions of never doing it, here’s why he represents so much wrong with today’s athletes.

It’s Only About Winning and Losing

Remember the days when coaches and parents would teach you about just going out there and having fun? Yeah, those days are long gone.

With a number of high-profile athletes doping to gain an advantage over their competition, it’s sad to think they need to build their legacy so badly that they’re willing to throw everything away to get there.

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