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Jan 21 2013

The Worst of the Best Undergrad Colleges

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So the other day, the U.S. News & World Report came out with the top undergraduate programs for kids to earn a degree from.

Let us first say that we hate these types of rankings. Why? Because you’re making the rich even richer. You’re telling me that someone who can either score a scholarship or afford to pay the crap it takes to actually attend one of those schools isn’t pretty well off?

It also makes us other people who went to college feel a little sh*tty about the “poor” education we got while on campus.

But since the rankings get released every year, we figured we’d put them in perspective and tell you why just because a school might be academically strong, that doesn’t mean you’re better off going there over the local state school with more things to do.

So go ahead and rave about how you got into Harvard, because in the end, college is about having the most fun you can in four years. So we’ll separate which schools on this list are actually the worst to go to—for a number of factors.

Besides, in the end it’s not what you know, but who you know when trying to land a job!

University of Notre Dame

While ND might be the most prestigious university for any good Catholic kid to go to, we can’t even begin to tell you how much it would blow to go to school there.

First off, it’s overly strict on Catholicism. We’re Catholic, so we know how crazy those intense kind can be. We heard a friend who went there during the Jeff Samardzija days that told us everyone joked about the former standout WR as the first “three-sport” athlete in Irish history.

Why? Because he lettered in football, baseball and banging broads.

He’s the biggest man on campus, would anything else be expected?

On top of that, look at the Manti T’eo situation. Whether he was involved in a hoax or not, the dude was a Heisman finalist as a defensive player, why’s he even have to look for an internet girlfriend?

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