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Jan 15 2013

Types of People That Will Always Score Movie Roles

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After watching the Golden Globes the other night, it got us thinking about a couple things.

One, we really wish we had pursued a career in acting. Not only do you get to play the role of someone else for a living, but you get paid some serious dough in order to do it.

Two, did you see how many hot chicks were sitting at the tables during the awards ceremony? Being an actor definitely has its perks when it comes to rolling with babes.

And three, regardless of how much time people spend on plastic surgery or checking themselves out in the mirror, you can be the most normal-looking person and still have quite the successful career.

As performers presented and accepted their Globes, we noticed a lot of the same looking people, and it got us thinking about the job security one has if falling under any of these types of physical traits.

Fat Guys

Though we lack that one guy who delivers the same comedy gold that Chris Farley and John Belushi did in their prime, we still find  way too many fat dude playing the funny guy on TV shows, movies and even commercials.

Maybe it’s because fat guys are associated as being a little lazy, aloof and a lot less concerned with the way they look, but for whatever reason, people will usually crack the hell up when seeing one.

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