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Jan 11 2013

The Most Embarrassing Ways to Get Arrested

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We were reading the news the other day and came across a 19-year-old South Carolina kid who broke into a gas station, robbing them of about $160 worth of merchandise, and getting caught by his own stupidity.

The crap stolen looked more like a kid from high school broke out of his house and tried nabbing a five-finger discount—Slim Jims, cigs, beer and energy drinks.

Not one to make fun of someone for what people are craving, we’ll pass judgement on what was taken and focus more on the way the dude got caught.

According to the police report, he punctured a couple bags of Cheetos while grabbing random snacks, and while fleeing the scene, actually created a cheesy trail to the house he was staying at.

When a cop says, “”He was very easy to catch,” or “It was a very quick deal,” you should probably try your hand at being successful in something other than robbery.

Ending up in cuffs thanks to Cheetos sucks, but what are some other crappy ways to get caught, just take a look to see.

Leaving the Water Running At Every House You Robbed

Yes, this is a reference to the Wet Bandits from Home Alone, who, upon getting caught, were told that their swift move of leaving the water running at each house they hit was the easiest to trace them back to the robberies.

Marv may have called it the duos calling card, but they might as well have just left a picture of themselves with a note that said, “We’re Marv and Harry, and we robbed this house.”

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