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Jan 09 2013

The Worst Things That Could Happen While Visiting the White House

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For whatever reason, Today show host Al Roker admitted to sharting his pants while at the White House back in 2002, forcing him to go commando and leaving us all with a very disgusting visual as to what his pants might have looked like, and feeling sorry for whomever happened to find his fled drawers in the bathroom.

Roker’s a pretty big star, so for him to admit something like this is a little cool, yet kind of disturbing. We have a strong feeling no one will ever look at him the same way again—especially when announcing the Northeast will be getting “dumped on” by snow.

Oh well, his little moment made us think about some of the other miserable things that could happen while visiting Obama and the fellas in the White House, so hopefully these never happen to you when walking through 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Have a Wardrobe Malfunction

We could just imagine what one of the Secret Service guys would look like if you happen to let some flesh slip out of your clothes.

If you’re a dude, it’d probably go down something like this.

Dick slips out. They notice it as a “threat,” and they tackle your ass harder and faster than Ray Lewis does a ballcarrier.

If it’s a chick, well, that’s a completely different story.

We’d think those pervs put on some sunglasses to dim the visibility of their wandering eyes, and just stare at the exposed boob, or worse vajay.

Regardless of sex, letting some skin show isn’t the way to go.

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