. 18-Point Agreement | - Part 2

Jan 07 2013

An 18-Point Agreement For Dating a Girl

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10. If we’re in the shower, there’s always an open invitation for you to come in and join us, there’s no need to ask.

11. That same rule applies to you. If we happen to pop in, you should take it as a complement that we think you’re sexy.

12. We know we can’t sing, so when you hear us screaming at the top of our lungs in the car or during a drunken karaoke performance, there’s no need to point it out to us.

13. Just because we say we’ll go to a chick flick with you, doesn’t mean we want to talk about how good or bad it was afterwards.

14. You shouldn’t get excited about everything we say. Sure, we might mention a trip we’d like to take, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be surprising you with one anytime soon, so don’t get disappointed that there isn’t one waiting for you.

15. There’s going to be plenty of times we grow a beard or mustache as a joke or because we’re lazy. We know it looks bad, but deal with it.

16. Tell us we look handsome every once in awhile. You don’t need to mean it all the time, but just like you want to be called pretty, we want to know you’re thinking of us while we’re getting down and dirty.

17. Yes, our bathroom and (most likely) bedroom are messy, but the more you mention it, the less likely it is we actually do anything about it. We want a girlfriend, not a Mom.

18. If we’re in the mood for sex, unless the reason is because you’re on your period or too drunk, we don’t want to hear why you’re too tired or not horny. We can get you there, trust us.

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