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Jan 03 2013

Things That Will Become Even More Irrelevant in 2013

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Well, it’s finally 2013. So while we were able to survive the zombie apocalypse that supposedly was supposed to happen this past year, we haven’t been able to yet figure out what to do with some of the dead technology and other stuff we still have laying around our apartments.

We see trends and several vintage items seemingly make a comeback every year, so it’s safe to say these might be gone for good.

Since we’ll probably be looking at even more advancements and new technologies as we continue to have smarter people than us develop them, we’re giving you some things that you might want to get rid of… or hold onto for a keepsake, because they probably won’t be necessary for too much longer.


You might read in every guy’s magazine about how it’s a “necessary accessory” to have one to complete your wardrobe, but as far as having a functional meaning, and not just a stylistic one, you’ve got a cell phone to use if you really want to see what time it is.

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