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Dec 21 2012

Things We Hope You’ve Done Now That The World Ended

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If you’re reading this, then congratulations. You’ve survived the apocalypse.

Kidding aside (we hope), we’re sure you’ve heard about the predicted end of the world by the Mayans thousands of years ago, and how today was supposed to be that day.

Seeing that we’re still writing this article on 12/20/12, as it stands now, we’re pretty unsure if all of human kind will be wiped out or not?

But just because we think the Mayans were full of crap, doesn’t mean we’re not preparing as if we won’t be around tomorrow.

So we’ve decided to give you a list of things that we really hope you had the opportunity to do before the world ended. If you didn’t, well, sorry dude, you really missed out.

Lose Your Virginity

There’s no beating around the bush with this one. If you’re old enough to know about our website, than we’re assuming you’re old enough to fornicate a woman.

If for some God-awful reason you haven’t been able to seal the deal and have been using the internet and lots of lotion, we just feel really bad for you.

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