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Dec 20 2012

Thoughts A Guy Has When Grocery Shopping

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No guy in his right mind likes to shop.

But because we need to eat—which we really like doing—we’re forced to go to the grocery store and scoop some food.

The times when those trips are stuff like frozen pizzas and beer are the absolute best. They’re simple and to the point. The ones that require us to actually think about what we want to eat though? Not so much.

With so many different things to consider while going up and down the many aisles, we couldn’t help but think about what goes through all our heads.

See, those thoughts are normal dude.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Those microwavable burritos sure do look tasty, don’t they?

But as you stand in your still sweaty shirt from the gym, are you willing to cancel-out all that hard work you just put in for a little extra goodness?

Looking up and down those Nutrition Facts won’t make your decision any easier dude, so instead of debating whether or not you want it, just toss it in the cart and forget about the consequences.

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