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Dec 18 2012

How Facebook Can Ruin Your Wedding

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It’s no secret that Facebook runs every single one of our lives. Go ahead and disagree all you want, talking about how you don’t even use the social network or how dumb it is, there’s no way you’ll convince us otherwise.

Even we don’t use it for more than keeping pics organized and giving a couple shout-outs to friends on their birthdays, and we still find ourselves on it about 10-15 times a day.

As great (and annoying) as Facebook can be—which we’ve mentioned before—after going to a wedding we’re not sure we should have even been invited to this past weekend, it got us thinking about how the damn thing actually spoils the most important day in your life.

How? Read on and find out.

You Invite People You Normally Wouldn’t

While it’s always great to see old friends from high school or college, the truth is that you probably haven’t seen some of them in years.

But thanks to you updating and them liking, commenting or even sending a personal message about how happy they are for your engagement, you feel obligated to waste $100/head for them to show-up.

Secretly you hope they come to terms with the invite being more out of courtesy than anything… until they RSVP with a “Yes.”

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