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Dec 17 2012

Christmas Flicks You Better Be Watching This Week

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With Christmas Eve a week away, we’ll admit that we’re getting into that holiday spirit—if you consider singing-along to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album while decorating cookies as festive.

Though we won’t be called manly for our way of getting ready to spend a couple days with family and overdoses of eggnog, we do know one global way to get there is through movies.

Luckily for all of us, there have been some kick-ass Christmas movies that let us sit back and pass-out after all the food and whisky. Here are some of our recommendations.

Christmas Vacation

Big shocker, we know! The good news is we get to laugh our asses off and compare the dysfunction of this fake family to ours – which is actually pretty close. With quotable lines to spare for the entire season, isn’t this everyone’s favorite Christmas movie? We even know some of our Jewish friends who quote Chevy’s tirade.

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