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Dec 14 2012

Things No Guy Should Have on His Holiday List

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Every single year, it seems like we get pestered by our Mom’s every single day to fill out our Christmas lists in order to avoid getting something that we either don’t really want, or don’t really need.

With the holidays just a week or so away, we know it’s important to get something in the hands of the gift-buyers so not to be completely shafted when opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Though it sucks getting something from someone who clearly has no idea anything about you, it can be a little more embarrassing putting something on your list you really want, and then actually getting it.

These are just a few of the things no guy should ever write down as a request for a gift.

Anything Justin Bieber

He may be a “big star” and on top of the music world these days, but that doesn’t mean you need to display how much Bieber Fever you really have.

It’s bad enough you sing-along to his songs with the windows down in your car—that’s just asking for embarrassment—and another when you have to turn down your headphones because “As Long As You Love Me” is blasting in them at the gym, but it’s completely insane to think you, a grown ass man, would rep something with his face on it.

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