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Dec 13 2012

What to Look Forward to Now That 12/12/12 is Over

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With yesterday (finally) being 12/12/12, all the hype and uncertainty about the world ending can finally come to an end—though there’s still that belief that the Mayans actually predicted it ending on 12/21, so we’ve still got that to “worry” about.

As the anticipation for End of the World parties and paranoid people stashing up goods for the apocalypse ends, one might be wondering what there is to look forward to next?

We admit, after waking-up to see blue skies and birds chirping this morning, we wondered the same thing.

Thankfully, there’s a couple things that you  can mark your calendars for if you need to live for something exciting. If you don’t, well, will you go find something already!

National Maple Syrup Day – December 17

Come on! Who doesn’t like the tast of maple syrup?

Sh*t’s sweet as candy, and tastes best over anything that’s warm, soft and sweet itself.

If we were you, we’d get your favorite maple syrup brand and use it in everything you do next Monday. Don’t limit yourself to just using it on pancakes and waffles either. Use it on ice cream, in your morning coffee, hell, even put it in your hair if you need to!

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