. Good News! A Key Ingredient in Beer May Help Treat the Common Cold |

Dec 12 2012

Good News! A Key Ingredient in Beer May Help Treat the Common Cold

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Got a cold? Treat yourself to a cold one. A new study, reports Agence France-Presse, suggests that a chemical compound in beer can help the human body fight the virus behind the common cold. Of course, there are some important caveats. First, the study was conducted and published by Sapporo Breweries, a Japanese beer manufacturer, through its Sapporo Medical University. And secondly, an adult would have to drink about 30 cans of beer to get enough humulone, the compound said to have anti-viral properties. The humulone found in hops, one of beer’s three main ingredients, gives the alcoholic drink its signature bitter taste.

There you have it my friends. If you have a cold, go boozing! You have to love science. Pretty soon everything we know to be true is going to be change. Let’s just hope some scientist doesn’t publish a study that tells women having random sex leads to obesity or something sh%tty like that…

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