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Dec 10 2012

The Worst Things About a Mini Road Trip

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We may or may not have mentioned it throughout our posts last week, but we had the chance to visit a buddy of ours down in Atlanta for a couple days. A mid-week trip to see an old friend? Sounded good to us!

While it was great catching-up with one of our bros, hitting-up NBA games, somehow actually getting on the jumbotron four f*cking times and talking about every single hot chick in eyesight, the four hour car trip sucked major balls.

It’s widely known that anything over about six hours in a car becomes a damn chore and not-so much anything that’s tolerable for a single person to experience. A four hour one though? Harmless—or so we thought.

After going to and from within 36 hours, here’s what we noticed are the worst things about a somewhat short road trip. And yes, we’re keeping off the obvious one like a traffic jam. That’s just unfair.

The Anticipation

As we mentioned above, a four-hour trip isn’t necessarily too tough on the soul, except that it is.

People complain about sitting in a car for anything over an hour on the way home from work because they know that traveling six total miles should in no way take that long.

In our case on this trip, what we found was that since four hours isn’t that long, it really is, especially when by yourself and you just want to get there.

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