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Dec 07 2012

The Worst Things That Can Happen at a Party

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Hosting a party can be a serious challenge, can’t it?

You’re worried about what you need to buy. How much you really want to go all-in on things. If anyone will actually show up, and when they do, how many of them will there be?

But just because it can cause some anxiety planning a big party, doesn’t mean how good or bad it will be depends solely on you. Nope, that distinction goes to the person(s) who make things memorable by doing things no one will ever forget.

So go ahead and play your crappy tunes and have some finger foods for everyone to enjoy, because most of the time these are some of the things people will remember as the things that were even worse!

Clogging the Toilet

We’ll just go ahead and put it out there that if you’re thinking about taking a dump at a crowded party than you should really reconsider.

So you have to go? That’s cool. But if you do it around anywhere people can catch a whiff of that awful stench, shame on you. Go upstairs. Offer to go on a beer run. Anything.

What’s worse than being the guy that made the entire house smell like crap (literally)? Oh, you know, being the guy who flooded the entire bathroom because you didn’t abide by the courtesy flush. Dick!

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