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Dec 04 2012

Things No Guy Should Wear While Working Out

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We’ve mentioned before how much we love to workout. Not on the level of becoming a meathead or anything, but just enough to burn off those extra beer and late-night snacking calories.

One of the things we really hate about this time of year though is that the gym seems to be the only place to be, with everyone hogging treadmills and taking their sweet ass time on a machine.

While it’s great to be surrounded by some of the hot girls doing it around you, it sucks when there’s a guy right next to you, dripping sweat and yelling his ass off. No one wants to hear that.

Though it’s frustrating to hear, it makes it worse when that guy’s wearing something that’s not only embarrassing himself, but also the entire male gender.

Because we try to stick to some mesh shorts and a dri-fit, here’s why we recommend you doing the same.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

If you look around the gym, you’ll notice that pretty much every single person has some heaphones stuck in their ears, blasting the music to get them through a run or lift session.

But while it’s completely okay to have different variations than the standard white, Apple ones, there’s never a good time to show-up with headphones that look like they were made for a DJ at the biggest dance party of the year.

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