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Dec 03 2012

Would You Have Gotten a Romney-Ryan Tattoo For $15k?

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A northern Indiana man who had the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan campaign logo tattooed onto his face “to make politics fun” says it’s time for it to come off. Eric Hartsburg of Michigan City, Ind., says he plans to have the red-and-blue “R” removed from its prominent place next to his right eye. He says a Republican supporter paid him $15,000 to get the tattoo and keep it until at least the election was over. Hartsburg says he reached out to the Romney campaign about the tattoo, but feels snubbed that no campaign staffer ever contacted.

Make politics fun, eh? A tattoo on your face is making politics fun. I’m just at a total loss on this one. This would have been more “fun” if one of those rich old white dudes who support Romney got the tattoo. Not some redneck bozo.

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