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Dec 03 2012

Movie Bands That We Wish Really Existed

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Music these days isn’t exactly memorable. The stuff that gets recycled on the radio sticks in our head for about a week, then it’s pretty much sayonara. We can only go so long hearing that damn catchy Justin Bieber song three times a day.

For some reason though, movie songs seem to stick with us for a lot longer than we’d probably like to admit. The good news about that? Well, once we discover a badass movie band, it’s just too hard to forget.

And though we love the songs they give to us, it sucks knowing we’ll never get the chance to see them in concert.

Spinal Tap - This is Spinal Tap

This is Spinal Tap is one of our favorite all-time movies. What other band can survive 32 drummers and still be a huge draw? The cult classic, featuring an ’82 American comeback tour; is full of one-liners, and mocks the music industry so well, that it’s pretty scary they don’t actually have their own “Behind the Music” written about them.

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