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Nov 29 2012

A Wonderful Selection of Yoga Pictures

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I’ve been considering doing Yoga for at least the last decade.   But the thing is, I’m still not 40.  As a male I just don’t know if I can get into this stuff before the age of 40.  I have no idea what this really means but it seems to make sense right?  Eh, maybe it doesn’t.   Because something tells me that yoga would be very good for me.

In any event, if I knew that my yoga class consisted of women like the ones you will see, I would definitely reconsider.

Check out the pics below….

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Nov 29 2012

The Best Quotes from Jean Claude Van Damme

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I just posted these yesterday on Unrealitymag and there was just no way I could pass this up on Uncoached.   I’ve been a fan of Jean Claude Van Damme for a very very long time now.   And to be honest I still haven’t figured out if it’s more in a “make fun of” kind of a way or in a legitimate way.   Personally I think it’s a little bit of both.  The dude knows action movies.   He knows stupid action movie lines.  And his accent is for lack of a better word, “uncoached.”

But did you know that in real life Van Damme has a penchant for being a little cooky?  I mean the guy utters out some words that you simply won’t believe.

Check out some of his best stuff after the jump….

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Nov 29 2012

Thursday’s Throwdown: Cora Deitz Starts It, Disturbing Public Health Campaigns, and Sideline Reporters

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For more girls like Cora Dietz click on the photo

I’m blessed that I have no idea who Cora Dietz is.   Why? Because it’s comforting to know that every time I turn my head I can find a new model to draw my attention to.  Isn’t that just the best?  Actually no.  It sucks.  It’s just another female that I’ll never have relations with.

The Throwdown

The most excessively disturbing public health campaigns – [Cracked]

Some of the sexiest sideline reporters in the world – [Unathletic]

It’s where I go to see sexy celebrities showing off – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Nicole Scherzinger looks amazing in her black dress – [Moejackson]

Relationship words that don’t exist in the English language – [Nedhardy]

Sophia Bush will always be one of my favorites – [Celebslam]

NBA dancers know how to do Game of Thrones – [Gunaxin]

Ideas for the next World of Warcraft expansion – [Holytaco]

April Rose continues to be one of the hottest out there – [Maxim]

Bar Refaeli doesn’t mess around in GQ Germany – [Pickmeupnews]

A very funny compilation of bike fails – [Kontraband]

Carla Ossa is too sexy for her own good – [Funtasticus]

The ten hardest video games ever – [Don Chavez]

Twenty five athletes who would be good Presidents – [Bleacher Report]

Mel Gibson explains sex to us – [Cityrag]

Twelve Gangnam inspired style objects – [Oddee]

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Nov 28 2012

Hotties in the Wild Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more hotties in the wild

Here I am sitting in the cold, alone in my office.  And here I am staring at this picture and all it does is make me annoyed.  Annoyed that I’m cold.  Annoyed that I’m over a decade removed from college.  Annoyed that I’m losing my hair.  Just play annoyed.  They sure are hot though.

The Portfolio

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Nov 28 2012

12 Very Strange Sky Mall Products

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We’re not sure about you, but the first thing we do when getting on an airplane—well, besides checking out where the hot girls are sitting—is pick-up that trusty Sky Mall magazine. There’s nothing like calming the nerves of flying with a couple ridiculous products that no one needs, but for some reason actually buy.

With the holidays approaching, we thought it wise to give you the best of the best, (or the worst of the worst), in what Sky Mall has to offer. So while your girlfriend or parents won’t shut up about that steam vacuum they want to clean the wood floors with, we’d advise you not to go with the human slingshot instead. Just trust us on this one.

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Nov 28 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Georgia Salpa is a Greek Goddess

Published by under She's Uncoachable

If you’ve heard of Georgia Salpa before, why does it come as absolutely no surprise that we referred to her as a Greek Goddess? It’s probably the easiest thing to say about the girl, and its been said by about every single writer on the face of the planet, right?

Well just go ahead and take a look at these pictures and tell us why there’d be any other way to describe her? In fact, we’re wondering why the hell you’d be more concerned with how we’re describing her, than just clicking through these sexy photos of her.

Hands down, Georgia’s one of the bomb-ass hottest chicks we’ve ever seen, so next time you sit down to pray, we hope she’s the god you’re trying to talk to.

Check out more pics of Georgia Salpa after the jump…

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Nov 28 2012

It’s On the Menu! Does This Fish Look Appetizing to You?

Published by under Oddly Enough

The northern snakehead is known as “Frankenfish” and “rattlesnakes with fins,” and some chefs say one way to stop the predatory, fast-spreading fish is obvious – with a fork. With a reputation as fearsome as its name, the voracious snakehead fish has intruded throughout much of the Potomac River basin in Virginia and Maryland in the last decade, snapping up anything that gets in front of it. Putting the torpedo-shaped snakehead on the menu is Washington-area restaurants’ way of helping to control the Asian newcomer. Chefs said they have a key weapon on their side – humans’ zest for eating up other species to the vanishing point.

There’s just something about seeing ‘snakehead’ on the menu that doesn’t get my hungry. Not sure if anyone has ever at the fish, but it just doesn’t sound appetizing. Either way, this could be the frontrunner for the most badass fish ever.


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Nov 28 2012

5 Questions Guys Always Ask Themselves This Time of Year

Published by under Editorial

As we fade from Fall and head into the Winter season, everyone must gear up for colder weather and potentially seasonal depression. While it’s not uncommong to hear some people head South to avoid the shorter days and frosty conditions, there’s other things we tend to find ourselves doing this time of year—yes, besides just scraping ice off our windshields.

For whatever reason, this time of year always has us guys questioning things about ourselves.

It’s not anything life-changing (we don’t think?), but for whatever reason we always seem to ponder things.

Since us guys tend to think a lot alike, here are some of the questions that come up this time of year. Hopefully we get the answers in some form.

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Nov 28 2012

There is Always More Room for Hooters Girls

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

There are times when I’m in a time crunch for having to write posts on this site.  It happens.  Obligations arise and my schedule gets shifted all the time.  The reason I bring this up is that as a content producer there are always “go-to’s” that you can rely on when you are in these times crunches.

When it come to beautiful women, Hooters girls will always save you in one of these time crunches. It’s just that simple.

Check out these Hooters girls after the jump….

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Nov 28 2012

It’s Hard to Believe That These are Real Public Toilets

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For the most part I don’t really think about my settings when I’m doing my business.  Granted I would prefer a comfortable environment while taking a piss or going number two, but all in all as long as it’s not disgusting then I’m pretty much fine with it.   But that’s not the case for some people.  Some people need a serenity when going to the bathroom.  And others just like it plain weird.

Why people would create public toilets that look like this is beyond me but I still think it’s pretty darned funny.

Check out the pics after the jump….

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