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Nov 28 2012

5 Questions Guys Always Ask Themselves This Time of Year

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As we fade from Fall and head into the Winter season, everyone must gear up for colder weather and potentially seasonal depression. While it’s not uncommong to hear some people head South to avoid the shorter days and frosty conditions, there’s other things we tend to find ourselves doing this time of year—yes, besides just scraping ice off our windshields.

For whatever reason, this time of year always has us guys questioning things about ourselves.

It’s not anything life-changing (we don’t think?), but for whatever reason we always seem to ponder things.

Since us guys tend to think a lot alike, here are some of the questions that come up this time of year. Hopefully we get the answers in some form.

Did I Really Just Spend That Much on Her?

Want to know one of the worst things about the holidays? Spending money on presents.

But before you go off on us and call us some selfish prick who hates to buy things for others, let us explain the problem we have when shopping for family and friends, or worse, girlfriends—overspending!

While it might start as something small like a gift card or a sweater, it suddenly adds up to over hundreds of dollars between it all.

Sure, it’s part of the holidays, but so is having in-laws over, and we don’t necessarily love that either.

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