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Nov 27 2012

Worst Things To Happen in a Bar

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So after a Thanksgiving weekend full of debauchery and way-too-many blackout nights, we’ve finally made it to the beginning of the week. And while you probably spent too much money and killed your liver as much as we did over the past week, we wanted to kind of put things into perspective for you.

After so many nights of hitting the bars and catching-up with old friends, we saw some weird sh*t go down.

From people literally being kicked-out of a bar for some bang action going on in the bathroom, to a guy actually trying to use two fake IDs to get in a bar, it got us thinking about some of the other bizarre things that might happen while at a bar. Here are just a few we hope you’re never involved in.

Lose Your ID on a Trip

It always sucks when you lose anything, but when you drop your ID at the bar because you’ve had one too many jager shots, it really blows. Add in the fact that you’re on vacation and have an 8am flight the next day back home, and it makes things just that much worse.

Forget the fact you won’t be getting home without your ID, and start thinking about how boring it’ll be stranded in another city without the opportunity to get hammered!

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