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Nov 26 2012

The Types of People Who Comment on Internet Posts

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As we all know, Al Gore invented the internet way back when. And since it turned out to be the most insanely useful thing ever created, we thought we’d give you a reminder that it should not be used as a forum to always display your thoughts.

Living in a digital, up-to-the-second world, with news flying at us from all angles, it can be pretty easy to get wrapped-up in saying or doing something that you want to get off your chest. But honestly, as a writer, it does nothing but make us laugh when seeing someone respond negatively to a piece of content we’ve just written. Why? Because of the people who actually take time to comment. If it’s a mishap on our part, that’s one thing. But a complete bashing? Get real and drink a beer to cool off.

And since we can’t wait to open up this article and see all our lovable fans appreciation or hate for it, we figured we’d give you the types of people we think you tend to be for taking the time to give us your thoughts.

The Total Bro

This guy’s exactly like you think he is. He’s the dude who thinks he knows it all, parties the hardest, watches the most sports and tends to let everyone know whenever he is right about something by making the other person feel like a complete dick. Oh yeah, and they think they can write anything better than the author just did.

We’re not saying he’s a bad guy, but he’s typically the ones who spends way too much time making sure he doesn’t sound dumb as hell before opening his mouth, and if, God-forbid, that happens, he’s quick to defend himself with his trusty smart phone to defend his reasoning.

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