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Nov 23 2012

Things We Should All Be Thankful For

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With yet another Thanksgiving coming and going yesterday, we (hopefully) all had the chance to stuff our faces with as much food as our bodies could handle, share some time with family, and think about some of the things we’re thankful for in our lives.

Now we’re not trying to get all sentimental on you, but after seeing how the past year or so has been fo us personally, we can sit back and think about how lucky we are with the things and people around us every day.

But since we’re here for your entertainment, and not here to act as a Dr. Phil-type who helps you open up about your life, we’re giving you some of the less serious things in our lives. Remember, just because they might not be high in value, doesn’t mean you can’t value them as much as the things that are! So hopefully you can relate to some of these.


If it weren’t for them, how the hell would we get out hot girl supply? There’s no way in hell our wives of girlfriends would be capable of filling that gap for us, right?

And even though we have zero chance of ever banging, dating, or sh*t, even meeting one, we all hold out hope that fate has it we actually do.

*Editor’s Note: We must make a special mention of Kate Upton, especially with the year she’s having.

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