. The Worst Places to Propose for Marriage | - Part 3

Nov 21 2012

The Worst Ways to Propose

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On a Pizza

We know a lot of people who do creative things like this for Homecoming or Prom, but marriage? Are you serious?

How in the hell do you even order this with a straight face?

“Umm… Can I get a pizza with the words ‘Marry Me’ spelled out please? Oh, and just make sure the pepperoni’s are turkey sausage, otherwise she won’t even eat it.”

The only positive that could possibly come out of this is if the pizza place is so sorry and/or happy for you taking the leap, that you actually get the pizza for free. If that’s the case, than at least you get to eat the pie all by yourself once you get told “No!” which will inevitably be followed with a slap.

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