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Nov 21 2012

The Worst Ways to Propose

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Marriage is definitely a beautiful thing, and though most guys try to downplay it, it’s what nearly everyone wants.

You’ve got two people who are in love—well, at least we think?—trying to take that next and very permanent step in their relationship, anticipating a life together in sickness and in health.

But just because you love your girlfriend more than you do your Sunday’s of watching football and sitting around drinking beer with buddies, doesn’t necessarily mean that the timing of your proposal is the best of choices.

With our oldest sister getting married next weekend and more and more of our bros marking engagement of their list of to-do’s, we’ve heard and seen some serious proposals.

Some good. Some bad. These are some of the bad ones.

At a Sporting Event

What in the hell is going through your head bro? Not only is that girl even at the game against her will, but now you’re going to embarrass her by putting her mug on the jumbotron in front of a packed house?

As a bro, we wish nothing but the best for any guy who drops down to one knee to pop the question—we know it’s not easy—but for your stupidity in assuming that this will end well, you deserve a fat “Hell no!” at center court.

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