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Nov 21 2012

Five Sports That Are Boring on TV but are Great Live

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There are some sports that are fantastic to watch on television and can be even better live.   There are some sports that basically suck on both counts.  But then there are sports that are just too annoying to watch on television but the live experience is actually pretty awesome.

Those are the sports that we’re going to focus on today.   And I’m also taking into account all that comes along with said sports.   Sometimes it’s not just the sport itself.   It can be the crowd, the tailgating, you name it.

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Granted I think I’m coming from more of an American point of view here but I really think soccer is boring as hell on television.  It’s just not fun to watch.   Personally I can’t stand the fact that there’s no scoring and the amount of fake injuries that take place.  However, actually going to a game in a place like Europe for example?   The crowds are second to none.  There’s barely a moment where people aren’t going nuts.  And let me just say that the females really come out of the woodwork for these games.   It’s definitely a rush.

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